On Wednesday, May 19, a Capitol Police officer and his wife were arrested after being accused of harboring a fugitive who was wanted on felony drug charges in Nashville, according to Roll Call.

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The couple, identified as Daryl E. Banks and Dana L.Banks, were arrested in their Maryland home after Nashville police told Frederick County that the fugitive, identified as Fredy S. Reyes, had been staying in the couple’s home.

Banks has been confirmed by the Capitol Police as being a K-9 officer at the department and is currently on leave with pay after the couple was charged with harboring a fugitive and obstruction of justice.


Nashville police had been searching for Reyes in March because he was one of seven people charged in a drug ring case with ties to Honduras. According to reports, he was named in an outstanding warrant on cocaine conspiracy charges.

According to reports, police had arrived at the couple’s residence and the couple provided false information about Reyes and his whereabouts and they refused to cooperate with the investigation. Officers spotted Reyes leaving the house through the front door, where he was taken into custody without an incident.

Reyes is being charged with being a fugitive of justice, according to reports.