On Wednesday night, May 19, a father and son were arrested in Ohio for allegedly shackling a girl in their basement for over a year, according to NBC News.

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According to reports,

“Court documents said the girl told police she was kept in the dark, handcuffed to a support beam by her ankle, fed spoiled scraps of food, and forced to use a bucket filled with ammonia as her bathroom.”

The girl allegedly escaped after securing a key that went to her shackle. She kept the key hidden until the suspects went for a jog and then ran for it a little after 9 p.m. Someone in the neighborhood spotted her and called the police after first calling one of the suspects, who hung up on him.


The suspects are identified as the victim’s stepbrother, Esten Ciboro, and her stepfather, Timothy Ciboro. The girl has not been identified. When the police arrived on the scene, both Esten and Timothy were loading Timothy’s children into a van which was packed with possessions including a lockbox with a gun.

The Ciboros are currently being held on $500,000 bond each. They were arraigned on Thursday on charges of endangering children, torture, cruelty, abuse and kidnapping to terrorize or inflict serious physical harm.

Robin Reese, executive director of Lucas County Children Services, told reporters that all three children from the home are in relatively good physical condition, but Frederick said the girl is “pretty traumatized.” Authorities don’t believe the other two kids were abused or neglected.

The children are all being placed in foster care now, she added.”