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Yesterday [Thursday, May 19th], Variety reported that Lucy Liu and Snoop Dogg will join the cast for James Franco’s upcoming science fiction thriller, Future World. Franco is set to star in the film himself, along side Milla Jovovich, known for her role as Alice in the Resident Evil series.

Lucy Liu and Snoop Dogg join the cast that also includes Method Man, Margarita Levieva, Jeffrey Wahlberg (yes, those Wahlbergs), and Suki Waterhouse. Franco will co-direct the film along with Bruce Cheung.



Variety reports that the film is an original story by James Franco, and is:


“set in the barren landscape of a dystopian world, where a young prince from the Oasis (one of the last known safe havens) and a robot named Ash go on a daring journey of self-discovery through the violent and desolate world of the Wastelands.”

One of the producers of the film, Andrea Iervolino, is confident in the film, and said to Variety:

“When you have the combined talents and gravitas of Milla, Lucy, Method Man, Suki, Snoop, and James interwoven through a wild story – what unfolds on screen is unreal.”

Only time will tell what Franco has in store for this film, but it will most likely be entertaining with this cast, and Franco has never been short on creative ideas and characters.