Tens of millions of people have tuned in to watch Candace Payne‘s video of her laughing hysterically over her recent purchase of a Star Wars Chewbacca mask, or as she calls it a “simple joy” in life.

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Payne purchased the mask at one of her favorite stores, Kohl’s, and couldn’t contain her enthusiasm once she put the mask on, proudly proclaiming: “This is worth every penny!”

She explained that before giving the mask to her son, she would have a little fun with it for her birthday. Payne laughed uncontrollably each time the toy’s mouth opened and the wookie mask let out Chewy’s signature howl.


The video has been watched about 50 million times and counting and was shared more than 1 million times. Naturally, Payne’s video caused Chewbacca to trend on social media.