Johnny Manziel Reportedly Booted From a Vegas Club For Brawling During a Drake Show

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Johnny Manziel, for the lack of a better term, needs to fix up himself.

The former star college quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner has completely spiraled since being drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Browns in 2014. He never gained proper footing with the team, thanks largely in part to his own off-field antics, and was cut by the Browns in March. Since then, he hasn’t been offered a contract by another NFL team, and Dallas Cowboys owner said to the media that before he offered Manziel a pro shot, Manziel would have to get his life together first.


Imagine that, the team that pays Greg Hardy millions of dollars is telling Manziel to get his life together.

Well, for what it’s worth, the Texas A&M alum doesn’t appear to be taking Jones’ advice seriously. According to TMZ Sports, during a night of clubbing in Las Vegas, Johnny Manziel was thrown out of a nightclub on Friday evening, just as Drake–who performed during the course of the night–was making his appearance. The report says that Manziel was hanging out in the club’s VIP section when scores of people began rushing his area to get a glimpse of the Canadian rap star. Manziel became agitated, and appears to throw a punch at a clubgoer, which is, of course, inadvisable.

Ironically, Drake has supported Manziel throughout his brief career despite his apparently uncontrollable temper, but we’re sure even he’s found it tough to justify Manziel’s recent string of incidents.