We Are All Kendrick Lamar Singing “Controlla” While Driving


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Kendrick Lamar singing/remixing #Drake’s #Controlla about Top Dawg.

A video posted by Word On Road (@wordonrd) on

Kendrick Lamar and Drake, as far as the media is concerned, have been embroiled in some sort of conflict that vacillates between cold war and blood feud off-and-on over the last 3 years. As far as the above Instagram video is concerned, Kendrick Lamar is a pretty big fan of Drake’s recent dancehall tunes. How does that work? While driving somewhere–hopefully to the studio, but we’re not pushy–Kendrick Lamar was having a grand ol’ time singing along to Drake’s “Controlla” and Rihanna‘s “Work,” changing the words around where he saw fit (and mumbling gibberish when he didn’t know the words at all), otherwise known as: all of us. Now, if this could just translate to a Kendrick Lamar and Drake studio session, we’d stop getting excited anytime anything concerning these two happens, even if its just on social media. Get Top on the phone.