Recently, ESPN and Turner Networks have delved into the world of E-Sports, devoting major broadcast time to the burgeoning industry.

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E-Sports are essentially leagues where players compete in different video games that are viewed live on the internet. It brings engagement from the audience and communication between the competitors in real time. The industry is still growing in the United States, but has developed in Asia since the early 2000. In South Korea, these competitors are called cyber athletes. Colleges are getting into the act too, with some offering scholarships to students involved in the industry.

Reports estimate the E-Sports space has generated over $500 million in revenue to date. The creation of multi-player games combined with the ability to play online has slowly led to this point where official leagues have developed around gaming. The Madden and NBA 2K and NBA Live franchises made players want to compete with each other and have the ability to communicate. The Call Of Duty franchise elevated the possibilities and added a new level of competition.


And now that E-Sports is getting its moment in the spotlight, sponsors are rushing to be associated with the different leagues. Brands like Pepsi, Red Bull are rushing to get in. Even porn companies see the opportunities presented by E-Sports, but it was recently reported that Team YouPorn was banned from participating in Capcom’s league. Some teams even have nutritionists and specialists on staff for the competitors. So next time you’re watching sports, definitely keep an eye out for E-Sports athletes.