Watch Adele’s New Video, “Send My Love (To Your New Lover),” Here

Adele album roll-outs are generally as minimal as they come. The 27-year-old British mega-star has such an avid fan base and such widespread appeal that she generally only needs one single or music video to generate the buzz most artists can only achieve after months of teasing music and press runs. In fact, in the new age of streaming counting towards RIAA certifications, which major artists like Drake, Beyonce and Kanye West are taking full advantage of, Adele has refused to engage. Her most recent album, 25, which broke the long-standing U.S. first-week sales record, wasn’t available on any of the three major streaming platforms, and still isn’t.

The “Hello” singer is bent on doing things her way and at her own pace, and she chose today to be the day that she eases fans’ qualms about the lack of music videos 25 has produced. Outside of the “Hello” video and a live performance version of “When We Were Young,” Adele had released nary a music video for her record-breaking album, until now.

Above, you can watch the music video for her carefree warning anthem, “Send My Love (To Your New Lover),” complete with a two-step and a delightful floral outfit.