Bryson Tiller Makes Network TV Debut on ‘Late Night With Seth Myers’

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Bryson Tiller‘s ascent to global R&B star, unlike that of some of his peers, has played out even in the public as a slow and steady trudging. The Soundcloud success of his “Don’t” single in March of last year led to label offers (he would accept one from RCA, the home of Chris Brown, Miguel and Justin Timberlake), and his debut album, Trap Soul, was released unceremoniously in October. Despite a meager first-week chart performance, the sales of Trap Soul in subsequent weeks refused to level off, and it has since been certified platinum due largely to its streaming prowess. (Actual sales currently sit at somewhere between 320,000 and 340,000.)

2016 has proved to be just as fruitful for Tiller, who embarked on a sold-out tour, brought out his antecedent The Weeknd in Germany, and played a two-night engagement at New York City’s storied Radio City Music Hall during the year’s first 4 months. Both of those shows were sold out too.


Last night, on Late Night With Seth Myers, Tiller hit another milestone: his network TV debut. Performing “Exchange,” the most popular song on Trap Soul other than “Don’t.” Watch the performance above.