Wu-Tang Clan founding member Raekwon has been busy working on a new fashion collaboration with Sycamore Style, the designer behind the RAExSYC shoe model and a number of exclusive Wallabee Clark Originals.

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We had the opportunity to catch up with Rae to ask him a few questions on the collaboration.

What are you most excited about with this RAEXSYC collaboration?


Just giving the fans an opportunity to really step into my world and see some of the designs of the clothing and shoes that I’ve loved throughout my career. I think that people get to see the type of stuff that Rae loves and it’s exciting just to be with the fans and be here with another demographic outside of what I normally do. It’s fun.

What other collaborations should we look forward to for this year?

That’s kind of a little secret right now (laughs) but I got a couple things lined up for you guys, definitely.

And this is the third collaboration with a purple colorway, obviously.

A: (Laughs) Right now we’re celebrating 20 years of The Purple Tape and purple always been a royal color to me and it’s just a dope color. It represents my brand and it made me who I am today. That album and yeah, right now we just on a purple mission.

Who are you going for in the NBA Finals? 

It’s too early to say but I would like to see a Golden State and Cleveland thing, but you see it might be a Golden State and Raptors thing. Let’s just see what happens, I just want to see them all do they thing.

Last words for your fans?

Tell them I love them and thank you for supporting me through the years! I’m always gone be true to the game, you know that.

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