Last night, the Warriors lost Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals, and it wasn’t pretty. Stephen Curry didn’t appear to be himself, Draymond Green‘s head just wasn’t in it, and outside of Klay Thompson, there wasn’t much of an offense all game.

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Lakers guard Nick Young thinks his team has something to do with that. The Warriors infamously caught a surprising beatdown at the Staples Center earlier this year, and were just one of a handful of teams to beat Golden State throughout the regular season. According to Young, the Warriors “ain’t been the same since.”


Okay, let’s examine. The Warriors lost to the Lakers on March 6 of this year. Of the 21 regular season games that followed, Golden State lost 3 of them. They then went on to lose a total of 2 games through the first two rounds of the playoffs, the margins of which weren’t close for the most part. Oh, did we mention that they set the new NBA record for most wins in a single season?

Chances are, this guy has a lot more to do with the Warriors’ current 3-1 WCF deficit than the Lakers do, Nick. Sorry.

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