Bernie Sanders Entered a Rally to the Sounds of DMX’s “Where The Hood At”

Bernie Sanders has, for better or for worse, emerged as the most relatable presidential candidate out there. Where people can’t seem to comfortably digest Hillary Clinton‘s pandering maneuvers or Donald Trump‘s nonsensical policy suggestions, they find solace in Sanders’ every-man attitude. When he isn’t telling Hot 97’s Ebro Darden about his wishes to make public college tuition free for all, he’s hosting rallies for 80,000 people in the rain in the South Bronx, a neighborhood most candidates would shy away from if given the chance.

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It’s May, and despite the fact that Sanders appears to have lost far too much ground to Hillary Clinton to make a serious run at the Oval Office in November, the Vermont senator is still campaigning, and he was in Lancaster, California today speaking at another rally packed with thousands of his avid fans. Sanders did not disappoint, and he strolled up to the podium with quite the interesting entrance music blasting over the PA. How interesting? Try DMX‘s “Where The Hood At.”

We’re not kidding. Watch the clip above. The only thing louder than the music was the crowd’s gleeful reaction to it.