King Lil G recently sat down with DJ Vlad to discuss the state of his career, Latin artists and the reason there hasn’t been unification among other Latin artists in rap.

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The popular rapper from Los Angeles is said to be the descendant of Mexican military leader Emiliano Zapata. According to King Lil G, the reason there hasn’t been a prominent movement of Latino rappers is because as ironic as it may seem, Latinos are somewhat territorial and every artist that emerges thinks they should be the only one to lead the movement.

“Just picture a basketball player or a boxer saying, ‘I’m the best in the game, but I’m not fighting no one or playing basketball with no one but me, or from my city,'” said Lil G. “There are a lot of established Latino artists, but they just don’t get the light they deserve, I think.”


He goes on to say that artists, specifically Latinos, need to connect the dots, because if that had happened before we may have had a classic collab between acts like Kid Frost and Big Pun, for example.