There are just a few months left in the Obama presidency, and at the top of 2017, we’ll see a non-Obama family–likely either the Trumps or the Clintons–inhabiting the White House for the first time in 8 years. While the entire nation is focused on just who that will be, another interesting question is risen. What the hell are the Obamas going to do? How do you follow up the most scrutinized presidency in American history?

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Well, you can start with finding out where they’re going to live. Spoiler: They’re not going far.

The National Journal has learned that Barack and Michelle are moving their family to a neighborhood in Northwest D.C., which will be the perfect setting for Sasha Obama, their youngest daughter, to wrap up high school at Sidwell Friends.


As far as Malia Obama, she’ll be heading off to her parents’ alma mater, Harvard, in the fall of 2017. She’ll strategically take one year off from school to travel the world, which also gives her family enough time to leave office and ease themselves out of the daily public eye. Of course, this November, a new POTUS will be elected.