DJ Cipha Sounds is without a doubt one of the most legendary figures in Hip Hop, with his influence reaching far outside his home of New York City. First earning his stripes on tour with Bad Boy Records’ artists such as Lil Kim, and later becoming one of the voices of New York City Hip Hop on Hot 97, Cipha Sounds’ knack for breaking hit records and discovering talent (he helped break Rihanna’s first ever record), has endeared him to millions.

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Recently, U.K. based filmmaker Nathan Miller made a trip to New York City and bumped into Cipha Sounds and the two hit it off. Feeling inspired, Miller decided to put together a short documentary chronicling the 20+ year career of Cipha Sounds titled simply “Ciph.” Many of Cipha’s Hot 97 pals including his Juan Epstein co-host Peter Rosenberg, Laura Stylez and DJ Drewski all share their thoughts on Cihpa. Check it out below.