The scramble to find the next James Bond probably only looks like a scramble from the outside looking. Who knows, the franchise’s producers may have already begun going over scripts and schedules with Daniel Craig‘s successor; Craig is of course the series’ most successful actor at the box office, and he declared his refusal to continue on as 007 earlier this month.

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However, that could easily not be the case, considering how many reputable reports point to different candidates for one of the most influential and high-profile jobs in Hollywood. After a relentless media blitz both introduced Idris Elba as a viable candidate and deflated his chances at getting the job last year, several other names have emerged as frontrunners, from Tom Hiddleston to Damian Lewis.

You can add Billy Elliot and The Adventures of Tintin actor Jamie Bell to that list, according to a new report from Deadline.


It has also been widely reported (and confirmed by Deadline) that Jamie Bell has discussed the Bond role with his Film Stars Don’t Die movie producer Barbara Broccoli (who has long produced the Bond movies).

Well, this is a little more significant than some of the other rumors we’ve seen lying around. Not only has Bell’s name been tossed around, but he’s actually met with the movie’s producers? The fact that Bond and a film Bell’s already starred in share a producer could prove to be huge for the actor. Whoever gets the gig will have some serious shoes to fill. At least two of Craig’s four Bond movies garnered abundant and universal praise, and the four films together grossed over $2 billion at the box office.