With Memorial Day Weekend here, many people are making plans to hop on a flight, chill on a cruise or gas up the car and pack the trunk to the brim. Wherever the destination is, there are a few locations that are sure fire home runs to celebrate the nation’s real life super-heroes who have served in the armed forces. Take a look at a few of this weekend’s hot spots across the United States:

  • Miami, FL: Sunshine, the beach life, flashy cars, and beautiful people is the name of the game in Magic City. Ocean Avenue, Collins Avenue, and Washington Avenue can easily be caused the trifecta for the beach life, fancy digs, and club scene each avenue provides respectively. Even on Memorial Day, the hoards don’t stand a chance of turning down anyone’s turn-up. Whether it’s an Oceanside party, lounging poolside, a booze-laced bar, or bouncing from club to club throughout the night, they city has anything-and-everything that turn this adventurous weekend into a story that you’ll tell for a lifetime.
  • Las Vegas, NV: Sin City honestly provides the playground where anything goes. From the prospect of hitting it big at the craps table all the way to partying from sundown to sun-up, Vegas will surely have it. The Bright lights of the famed Vegas strip bring out visitors that hail from all over the globe that soak up the heat and indulge in day long pool parties. Aside from day activities, the evening brings entertainment that is action-packed, as the city lays home to some of the world’s finest performers and acts (Cirque du Soleil, the Mike Tyson Show, David Copperfield, etc).
  • Austin, TX: The home of South-by-Southwest is not to be overlooked for a Memorial Day celebration. This landlocked city and state capital is home to southern cooking and plenty of live music that can be found along the popularized sixth street. And if an aquatic experience is needed to satisfy the thirst of missing out on the beach life, Lake Travis is only 20 miles northwest of the city. Here, water lovers can get their dose of water activities such as parasailing, windsurfing, sailing, or just chilling out and having a good time on a boat or water tube.
  • Palm Springs, CA: For guaranteed good weather, a trip to the left coast should be in order. Lovers of the outdoors will find this trip to be one of the easier options, as the surrounding elements of the Joshua Tree National Park offer plentiful opportunities. Exceptional scenery, hiking trails, mountain biking trails, rock climbing, and hang gliding are no stranger to this Southern California sanctuary.
  • Washington, D.C.: For those who choose to embrace patriotism to the fullest extent, the nation’s capital is the obvious destination. But aside from the various military ceremonies to attend, and cemeteries dedicated to those who have fallen in war, the District provides its own getaway to many east-coasters. Whether making the drive from Boston, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, or D.C., this mid-east hub is ideal for those looking for an inexpensive getaway. Areas such as Georgetown, U Street, Logan Circle, and Adams Morgan are popular places to frolic, shop, throw down some delicious grub, or just hang at a bar/lounge during the nighttime hours.

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Where are you headed this Memorial Day? Wherever it may be, be safe, have fun, party hard, eat good, and live life!