Slim Thug Calls Out Troy Ave Over Irving Plaza Shooting

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It didn’t take authorities long to find at least one suspect in Wednesday night’s Irving Plaza shooting, a horrific incident that took place during a T.I. show that claimed one life and injured several others. That suspect was Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave who was arrested while he recovered from a reported self-inflicted gunshot wound at NYU Langone Medical Center. Not long after news of his arrest went live, the police released surveillance video from the time of the shooting, and sure enough, Ave could be seen emerging from backstage at the concert venue with his firearm raised. He fired several shots into the venue from a third floor balcony.

While investigators continue to try to get to the bottom of the incident and the press analyzes and overanalyzes the incident and its aftermath, Slim Thug, the tenured Houston rapper, has decided to give Troy Ave a piece of his mind. As we mentioned, Thug is from Texas, but the disturbing NYC events were enough to prompt him to record himself going on a bit of a rant, denouncing the actions of all the gunman, including Troy Ave.


This not Belly. You can’t just walk in there and chop it up and get away, it ain’t real. Wake up young niggas, y’all too dumb. Get out the dumb shit and do some smart shit.

Slim Thug later addressed his comments with the following. C’mon Thug, you know once you put something on social media it belongs to the world.

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