The last time Drake and Justin Bieber connected, Bieber was a green teeny-bop star with a squeaky-clean image and girls with bedazzled denim jackets screaming themselves hoarse over him at every tour stop.

Now, Bieber is America’s favorite redeemed bad boy, and he’s having the best 12 months of his career. His latest album, Purpose, set a short-lived streaming record and spawned two Billboard Hot 100 chart toppers, and he might be looking to expound on that success.

Per Gabrielle Union‘s Snapchat, it sounds like Bieber might have a remix to “One Dance” on the way with Drizzy. To be frank, it would be a bit of mythical timing. Like Bieber, Drake is having what is easily the best year of his career, and his latest album, Views, will top the Billboard 200 for the fourth consecutive time this week. Did we mention they’re both Canadian and “One Dance” is Drake’s first-ever #1 single? With all these things going for both of these artists, let’s hope this gets unleashed sooner than later.