Some of our favorite social media and music platforms aren’t putting up with hate speech any longer, as tech giants vow to delete all hate speech within 24 hours.

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Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and YouTube will now support the European Commission code of conduct, whose goal is to prohibit hate speech before it goes viral, to rid the internet of malicious verbal attacks. Based on the code of conduct, the social media mediums will also educate and raise awareness about inappropriate online behavior. The tech companies will also collaborate with numerous organizations to help flag extremist online content.

Twitter has already begun making strides to decreasing prejudice online attacks. Last year, Twitter suspended more than 125,000 accounts, many of them were connected to terrorist group ISIS.


Earlier this month, Azealia Banks‘ Twitter account was suspended after online bouts with Sarah Palin, Disney star Skai Jackson and numerous rants including racial and homophobic slurs.