R. Kelly Convinces Drunk Guy He’s Really R. Kelly, Belts Out “Bump ‘N’ Grind” at Florida Hot Dog Stand

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Considering the pitch-black frames he generally dons with every outfit, we’ll give this guy a pass for not immediately recognizing R. Kelly in the middle of the night. It could, however, also be due to the fact that he’s drunk as sh*t.

If you feel that the numerous devices that surround you haven’t fulfilled their entertainment quota today, here’s a surefire way to meet your desired mark. In the video above, a bunch of inquisitive guys surround a guy that looks just like R. Kelly at a Nathan’s hot dog stand in Jacksonville, Florida. In fact, he looks so much like R. Kelly, one of the more belligerent hot dog enthusiasts decides to place a $100 bet that the guy with the professionally maintained, shiny bald head wearing the gaudy black chain and black sunglasses was not R. Kelly.


What happens next is pure hilarity. After the chain-draped individual bursts into “Bump ‘N’ Grind” with so much vigor and beauty that it quickly becomes obvious he is actually R. freakin’ Kelly, the camera man himself whips his lens around to declare to everyone watching that he’s in the presence of an R&B legend. The drunk guy even tries to battle Kellz before it’s all said and done.

Do yourself a favor and watch this clip.

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