Sacramento Kings point guard Darren Collison found himself in hot water during Memorial Day Weekend as he was arrested for domestic violence following a dispute with his wife. The Placer County Sheriff’s office say that the woman called police around 2 a.m. on May 30 saying that she was being assaulted. When police arrived at their home, “deputies found that the woman had visible injuries and they arrested Darren Collison on charge of domestic violence.

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During the incident, police noticed that Collison had 2 misdemeanor warrants from a prior unrelated suspended license case. The 7th year player was later released from jail 9 a.m. Monday morning. There is currently one point of contention though. According to a few sources, when police arrived on the scene, Collision’s wife told them that he didn’t actually physically strike her but the cops insisted on arresting him.

The Sacramento Kings have issued a statement regarding the situation:


“We’ve been made aware of the situation. The Sacramento Kings condemn violence of any kind. We are gathering additional information and once all facts are known we will take appropriate steps.”

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