Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston had a stellar rookie season last year, throwing for more than 4,000 yards, notching him for 3rd all-time for all rookie QBs. Looking to make improvements wherever he can, the former Florida State Heisman Trophy winner made a move to change his physic during the offseason. Unhappy with his physical appearance, Winston reached out to Michael Jordan’s former trainer Tim Grover and the two made quite an interesting revelation. Apparently, Jameis’ potato chip habit had him packing on some extra pounds.

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Looking to help him make a transition, Grover knew that it would be difficult to make Winston stop cold turkey so he told ESPN.com:

“Instead of eating a whole bag of potato chips. Cut it down by a third. It’s too difficult to give individual food plans, and it’s better to change eating habits.”

Winston went on to admit that he would not only devour an entire bag of chips, but he would often do so late at night. He still enjoys his favorite snack, but has made alterations to his habit.


“I try to eat the healthier potato chips like Sun Chips and the kettle cooked chips. But instead of eating them for a snack at night, I just moved that up with lunch. That was very helpful—eating at the right time of day.”

Maintaining much of the same training habits he’s developed over the years, cutting out the chips has helped him shed 18 lbs. We can expect to see a much leaner Jameis coming into the 2016 NFL season. Hopefully that doesn’t effect his ability to run through defenders when he breaks loose for scrambles.

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