MIA is teasing the release of her new LP with “POC That Still A Ryda.” The international rapper, who is reportedly currently going through visa troubles, shared the new song and visual, which she says is a “mix of all the songs” on her upcoming LP.

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Earlier this year, MIA revealed her next album is the last one released under Interscope Records. It doesn’t have an official date of release, but she hinted at “summertime, July.”

MIA also dropped “Rewear It,” (in partnership with her H&M campaign, “MIA OLA), “Foreign Friend” and “Temple” from the album. There is no word, however, whether “POC That Still A Ryda” is on there, as well.


MIA opened up to fans on Periscope, sharing her U.S. travel troubles. The rapper is currently not allowed back in the U.S., even though her son is half-American. She broke the bad news to fans earlier today [June 1, 2016] and added,“Had to do a remix to let u know, i been poor, i been rich, i been brown, i been black, i seen white and i been around the world a few times ay ay ay ay . LOVE IS THE ANSWER what the question is i don’t f*cking know.”

While MIA gets her U.S. affairs in order, she’s planning a tour in the U.K. soon. In the meantime, get into MIA’s upbeat and individualistic new track, “POC That Still A Ryda.”