These Videos of Waka Flocka Adding Ad-Libs to German Rap Songs are Hilarious

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When Waka Flocka is on a track it’s almost expected to be ad-lib heavy, ad-libs you can pretty much recite in your sleep like your vowels. At any given moment, most likely through out the majority of a Waka song, you can hear the rapper spewing things like, BOW, BRIIIICKKK SQUAAAD, and of course FLOCKA!


Waka recently sat down with Berlin-based 16 BARS TV to contribute some of his infamous and very turnt ad-libs to a couple of popular rap songs in the German hip hop industry. Waka contributes to three songs and for the very last one, he lights up for some inspiration, perhaps. Take a look at the video below and try not to belt out some of your own personal favorite Waka Flocka ad-libs.