Despite reports from Birdman there’s no bad blood between him and his “son” Lil Wayne, it seems things are becoming more tense after he chose to respond to Weezy’s diss in Arizona.

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On May 28, after a show in Phoenix, Arizona, Weezy announced to fans he was releasing two albums and dissed Birdman for continuing to block the release of Tha Carter V album and a second album he had in the works entitled Da Other Album.

Weezy told fans on stage:


““F*ck the bullsh*t, f*ck the world,” Weezy said, “F*ck the Birdman, F*ck Cash Money. I’m going through a lot of bullsh*t right now. These niggas got me in bars right now. They don’t want to see me make good music. I don’t know what the f*ck’s going on, but f*ck them ni**as. And I just want you to know if anything, if you thought that for any second I gave a f*ck about it, I can’t because I got people like y’all that’s still supporting me.”

Apparently catching word of the diss, Birdman took to his Instagram page and posted a video of himself on vacation with his record “Dallas” with Jacques is blaring in the background and the caption, “#LOSTATSEA #LIFESTYLE #?SUMMER #CASHMONEYRICHGANG fuk you if you hatin on me ?#MOB.” Not one to post subliminal messages, Birdman then says in the video:

“Out here with my n*ggas, doing this rich gang sh*t ya heard me, lavish, rich nigga sh*t. Pulling up about  (inaudible), f*ck you if you hating on me, pussy.”

Birdman has maintained in countless interviews there’s no issues with Wayne and he will always consider him his “son,” despite reports that Weezy is moving forward with the lawsuit. In an interview with Angie Martinez, Birdman stated that the media was the cause of the strife between the two of them.

“I mean we kosher, that’s my son and he’s going to always be my son, that’ll never change,” Birdman said. “It has never been red tape to where I hate him and he hates me, it’ll never be that. I just think that the media get a lot of things misconstrued and tries to put things their way and I never try to buy into that.”


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