The world watched as Michael Vick went from the NFL’s most celebrated player to its biggest villain.

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Deemed one of the greatest, Vick went from celebrity to cellmate after knowledge of his illegal dog fighting ring broke in the media. Since then, he’s been doing what he can to reconstruct his career and win back the trust of his fans. “I try not to dwell on people’s thoughts and perceptions because I know I can’t change that,” he says.

Vick is a film produced by Bleacher Report and is a tell-all about how Michael handled the dog-fighting ordeal emotionally and professionally.


In the trailer, Vick recollects on who he became after the money, stating: “I didn’t know who I was.” Clips of news reports that narrate the player’s story shows how troubling the news was once it broke to the public.

The 2001 No. 1 overall NFL draft pick, who broke records and created new boundaries in football, isn’t letting his past dim his spirit. As he opens up publicly for the first time, he speaks from a place of wisdom and appreciation.

The official Vick documentary will be released via Bleacher Report on July 11.

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