Beyoncé has had the honor of working with several artists throughout her music career. Many industry greats have taken the time to comment and commend the superstar on her growth as an artist from her Destiny’s Child days to one of the biggest female solo artist in the world.

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In a recent interview with Billboard, Stevie Wonder spoke on Beyoncé’s success and her new project, Lemonade.

“There’s so many talented people out there. I’ve seen for instance, you know, Beyoncé from the very beginning of her career when she was with a group and then her as a single artist. I’ve listened to the music mature and so now we have Lemonade, which is to me a great work. A great art piece.”


The music legend continued, offering suggestions of an additional outlet, “If I were to say anything to her I’d say, ‘look, why don’t you get the words written in braille so that every single person can read the lyrics of the music.’ It’d be great,” he said.

Wonder also confirmed new music is on the way.

“I’ll tell you the title. The title of the project is Through The Eyes Of Wonder and….I’m excited about it. We’ve got some great people participating in it. We’ve got some great singers, some new singers, some new talent and I’m just excited about being a part of this thing called music. I thank God everyday for that.”