It may not be considered fine art, but Macklemore has bought a naked painting of Justin Bieber.

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The rapper, who clearly decided to join Bieber mania recently, spoke to TMZ and admitted, “It’s an investment piece. I think that painting is going to be worth a lot of money. I search eBay and Etsy for fine pieces of art. It cost me about $20, I’m pretty sure that the minute the Justin Bieber album went No. 1, I’m pretty sure that painting went to about $30, $33. Do the math, man.”


Not only is it a naked portrait of Bieber, the Canadian singer is also balancing a maple syrup pancake on his manhood.  However knowing the Bieber Mafia, Macklemore could probably make a fair amount from this strange purchase should he consider re-selling it.

Check it out below: