It is no secret that Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is one of the most competitive players currently in the NBA. His desire to win is so strong that he doesn’t even play video games anymore because he just cannot stand losing. He in new interview with Dan Woike for the OC Register, Green shares: “I’ve always been the same way. That’s me. I stopped playing video games because I hate losing. I wasn’t very good, so I stopped.

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As is the case with any highly competitive athlete, the spirit of competition isn’t exclusive to sports. According Green’s former Michigan State Spartans teammate Travis Walton, Draymond can be pretty intense in group text messages as well.

“If Walton or one of his friends crack a joke at Green’s expense in a group text message, they know what to expect because with Green, nothing is off limits.”

“He’ll find pictures on the internet. He’ll compare you to other people,” Walton said. “He takes it to another level. He’s so naturally competitive at everything. He wants to win or have the leg up, no matter what’s going on.”

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