Sasha Gates is one busy woman.

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The singer, model, entrepreneur, wife and mother balances her personal and professional life in front of the camera on the E! hit series, WAGS. As the rib to professional football players Antonio Gates, Sasha maintains an empire of her own all while being a devoted wife and mother of two.

As the cameras follow her crazy days, we see Sasha go from photo shoots to business meetings to the recording booth. While we get a glimpse into Sasha’s life on the show, HERSource decided to catch up with her to see what we can expect from this season and this summer.


Tell us a bit about your new music?

My new single, “Oh Yeah, My Hitta” (available on iTunes now) is a very special song to me because it’s about my husband, Antonio. It has a R&B feel with a little pop mixed in. I have always loved music, even if I couldn’t sing I still would! I’m so excited to finally be sharing my music with the world. It gives me a creative outlet, a way to express myself and I think it really gives my fans a look at another side of me.

What inspires your sound musically?

I’m influenced by all kinds of music, from reggae to pop and a variety of sounds and instruments. Because music is my creative outlet, so much of my inspiration comes from where I am in my life at that time. I write about what I’m experiencing.

You’re a woman of many talents. How do you chose which venture you want to explore at any given time?

I don’t know if I necessarily get to choose, it’s more about balance. The show obviously has a filming schedule, so when we are filming WAGS I have to find time to work on my music and make sure that my family is taken care, my kids get to school, etc. I don’t really get to put one thing on hold, I just find ways to blend them all together. Sometimes that means WAGS comes to the studio or my kids come to a shoot; you just find a way to fit it all in.

How do you balance doing the show and focus on your own personal goals?

The great thing about reality TV is that it is real, so that makes it a little easier to live my life and do the things I want to do while being on the show. WAGS has been so supportive of my projects, my music and my Dolling Hair line, I’m just grateful that I have such an amazing platform to share these things with my fans. Sometimes it can be a juggling act, but I’m blessed to have a strong support system at home that helps me stay balanced and achieve my goals.

What can we expect from you and the rest of the ladies on this upcoming season?

Well, I’m not pregnant this season so you definitely see a different side of Sasha. There is my music project, lots of fashion, fun trips and of course a little drama. Make sure you tune in June 26th at 10 p.m on E!

You’re known for your sexy aesthetic. How do you feel about those who criticize mothers for still embracing their sexuality?

I’m proud of my body, I had two kids! Why can’t moms be sexy? Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t embrace your sexuality and femininity. I don’t think you should judge or criticize anyone until you walk in their shoes.

What are some of your beauty essentials?

There are so many! I am definitely a beauty product junkie, but right now I would say my top three are Kat Von D foundation, La Mer eye cream and Lipikar Baume’s La Roche lotion.

Who are some of your favorite brands/designers?

Donna Karan, YSL, Tom Ford, Versace, Iro and Current Elliot are some favorites right now.