During Mya‘s recent interview with VladTV, she was questioned about the parallel between the music of today to the music she listened to while growing up. The Washington D.C. R&B singer disclosed mainstream radio is so much different nowadays and instead of having R&B, soul, pop and Hip Hop in rotation, it’s mostly “trap rap” and Hip Hop.

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Although she has her own views on today’s mainstream radio, she welcomes the diversity of blends in today’s music.

“I can definitely say that music has changed on the radio,” Mya explains. “The stations that I grew up listening to, that were more R&B, soul, pop, and Hip Hop, are now just dominated by rap, trap, and Hip Hop. But it is what it is…Music is pretty cool. Because there’s so many different types, genres. And everyone is working together…Everyone’s sort of in a free-for-all.”


Before speaking on the evolution of today’s Hip Hop and R&B, she revealed the details behind her choice to go independent with her career. She made the decision based off of an alleged leak of her album, Liberation.

“I sort of fell into independent territory upon the accidental release/leak of my fourth major project called Liberation,” she said. “The release date was changed for maybe a third or fourth time. And there’s a territory, Japan that’s ahead of us by almost a day. So, it came out there because they didn’t get the memo. And from there, it leaked everywhere on YouTube. So that the album was shelved. And my lawyer basically told me that I had two choices, to go independent or go to court, sue for my back-end advance. And I really didn’t feel like being in court…So, I said ‘Alright, I’ll go independent’.”