It’s been four years since Whitney Houston‘s untimely death and fans who are still coping with the loss of the icon now have the opportunity to own some her most sacred items.

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Whitney’s former manager and president of the Whitney Houston Estate, Pat Houston, issued a statement saying they will hosting a two-day auction in California later this month where they will sell more than 100 pieces of Whitney Houston memorabilia.



The auction will be held  on June 24-25 in Beverly Hills through Heritage Auctions. Some of the items will include Whitney’s personal script for Waiting to Exhale, her wedding dress from her 1992 wedding to Bobby Brown and her 1986 Emmy Award for her 28th Annual Grammy Performance.

The released statement says all of this will happen with the fans in mind. “We felt that it was time to give something of Whitney to the people who loved her and her music and, conversely, who Whitney loved back with all of her heart and soul.”