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Robert Griffin III’s tenure with the Washington Redskins can be described as tumultuous, at least for the second half of it. Though extremely talented, he spent all of last season on the bench. This was amid rumors that he had fallen out of favor with his teammates and was at odds with Redskins head coach Jay Gruden. The team allowed RGIII’s contract to run out without renewal, effectively making him a free agent. It is then that he signed with the Cleveland Browns, a franchise desperately in search of a quarterback.

In his first few years in the league, Griffin, who is scrambling quarterback, suffered multiple injuries that sideline for much of his young career. With his previous and new coaching staff urging him to slide more often on scrambles, or throw the ball away, RGII is eager to prove that he is coachable. In recent practices, Redskins coaches instructed him to throw the ball away as far as possible if he does not see any openings down field.

Taking things a step further, RGIII often hurls the ball saw far that it goes over the practice field fence and even hits the neighbor’s garage. Way to Robert.