Those of you looking for Cam Newton to ride the “dab” dance–which he internationally popularized during a historic 15-1 regular season in 2015–into next season, this news will seriously disappoint you.

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Dabbing is dead. At least to the 2015-2016 regular season MVP.

According to USA Today’s For the Win, during an interview with Charlotte’s 610 AM The Fan today, Cam admitted that he’s got to “put that aside,” referring to the dance that was first seen in music videos from Migos and Future. Once Newton made it a routine part of his touchdown and/or big play celebrations, the entire nation caught “dab” fever, and everyone from giddy Panthers fans to Hillary Clinton could be seen either successfully hitting the dance, or trying their hardest (cough, Hillary, cough).


Chances are, the widespread nature of the dance is turning Cam away from heavily incorporating it next year. Naturally, The Fan asked him what he was working on for a follow-up act, and the MVP mentioned that he’s got time to figure it out. “I have until September to find out.”