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According to Forbes, Serena Williams has raked in $28.9 million dollars in the past year, making her the top earner in women’s sports since Maria Sharapova is banned from playing tennis for the next two years.

Sharapova had the title of top earner in women’s sports for the past 11 years. Her drug test after the 2016 Australian Open in Melbourne tested positive for a drug on the 2016 WADA Prohibited List, causing her to take a two year suspension and financial hit of anything between $1.9 million and $5 million dollars as she will not be able to fulfill her endorsement contract requirements.

Serena Williams has a total of $77.6 million dollars in career prize money alone, double the amount of any other female athlete, according to Forbes. Williams has made several millions from endorsement bonuses for her record of 56 wins with only three losses in the 2015 tennis season.