Last night the Cavs finally realized they’re playing in the NBA Finals, and delivered a 30-point beatdown of the Golden State Warriors in Cleveland, 120-90. Kyrie Irving morphed into Stephen Curry during several stages in the game and couldn’t miss. J.R. Smith went on the hot streak head coach Tyronn Lue has been willing out of him. And LeBron James was, well, LeBronnnnnn James.

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During the post-game press conference, however, those three guys weren’t as prolific when it came to answering a somewhat-mystifying question about putting the clamps on Steph and Klay all series.

Reporter: “The Cavaliers have effectively frozen the pond for the Splash Brothers during the first three games of the finals. What are you doing differently? How are you keeping them from getting to their spots, getting open looks? And how do you plan to maintain that momentum in Game 4 on Friday night?”


LBJ/Kyrie/J.R.: =/

Hilariously, neither player wanted to answer the question. It was equal parts awkward and funny, and what made it worse was Kyrie Irving blurting “Swish?” into the microphone, trying to force J.R. into speaking up for the trio.

All the while, LeBron is all like, if y’all aren’t going to speak, neither am I.

Watch the hilarious/awkward/confusing/awesome moment below.

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