Connecticut rapper Apathy (real name Chad Bromley) has made a name for himself working with a slew of heavy hitters in the Hip Hop world. His former crew, Demigodz, included artists like Louis Logic, 7L & Esoteric and Celph Titled.

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Apathy taps a laundry list of talent for his latest release, Handshakes With Snakes, which features guest spots from Twista, Bun B, Celph Titled, B-Real, Sick Jacken, Oh No, Ras Kass, O.C., the late Pumpkinhead, Spit Gemz, Blacastan, Nutso, and more.

“This album, to me, is all about preserving the tradition of Hip Hop,” Apathy tells The Source. “People say shit like that all the time, but I’m actually doing it. Hip hop is being altered and changed so far from what it was, that it ain’t the same shit anymore. Some say we’re old for thinking like that and that music is supposed to evolve, but there’s also something to be said for tradition, and preserving the real shit. The Handshakes With Snakes title is all about meeting phony ass fake people in this industry—industry heads and artists. Others such as myself are trying to carry on tradition.”


Produced entirely by Apathy, Handshakes with Snakes is his fifth solo album and delivers plenty of food for thought, serving only the finest ingredients. According to a press release, “On this outing, Ap takes you through the perils of the current state of Hip Hop, corporate phonies and idiotic pop culture. Sprinkle in some trippy tales with vivid imagery plus the right amount of braggadocio verbiage, and the Demigodz frontman brings you full circle via industry rule number 4080.” 

“I knew what vibe I wanted to create from the molecular level,” he says. “All the artists who appear on this album are either incredible emcees I’m close with or who I greatly admire as amazing lyricists. RIP to my very old friend PH [Pumpkinhead].”



01. Intro: An Army With Me…

02. Pay Your Dues

03. Amon RAW (feat. Celph Titled & Pumpkinhead)

04. Rap Is Not Pop

05. Don’t Touch That Dial (feat. Ras Kass & O.C.)

06. Charlie Brown (feat. Oh No & Kappa Gamma)

07. Blow Ya Head Off (feat. Marvalyss & Blacastan)

08. Attention Deficit Disorder

09. No Such Thing (feat. Spit Gemz & Nutso)

10. Pieces of Eight (Give Up The Ship)

11. Run For Your Life (feat. O.C.)

12. Moses (feat. Twista & Bun B)

13. Handshakes With Snakes (feat. Sick Jacken, B-Real & Mariagrazia)