It’s a shame that the “What are thooooose!” movement has significantly died down, for there may never have been a more appropriate time to erupt in one of those incredulous questions. The further up the NBA ladder you go, the better the shoes generally get. It’s an unwritten rule bound by metaphysics. LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving and more have all experienced this. Their shoes are ridiculously popular, cutting-edge and lucrative. Stephen Curry however, the two-time reigning MVP and one-time defending NBA champion, might need to drill this concept into the heads of his collaborators at Under Armour.

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Curry helped make UA a sports apparel giant; his ascent to the top of the sports world came just in time, after Nike matched Under Armour’s $300 million offer to the Thunder forward. Curry’s latest signature shoes, however, look more like something your grandmother would wear because the doctor said they’re better for her feet than her flats.

steph sneaks


Yikes. Naturally, social media has had a field day with this development in Curry’s sneaker career. See below.

Someone even put the infamous Crying Jordan face into the shoes, which is, quite frankly, a stroke of trolling genius.

You know it’s bad when your own brother joins in on the fun.

To add insult to injury, Curry is having a historically bad Finals, and is currently averaging more turnovers per game than assists. Must be the shoes.