Police in Orlando, Florida have gotten one step closer to solving the perplexing and horrifying circumstances surrounding the shocking death of singer Christina Grimmie.

The man who shot and killed Grimmie last night at a show in Orlando, Florida has been identified as Kevin James Loibl, a 27-year old resident of St. Petersburg, Florida, according to police.
CNN affiliate WFLA News Channel 8 allegedly located the man’s address in St. Petersburg and captured a photograph of a note posted on the front door that read, “Deepest sorrow for lost to the family, friends, & fans of the very talented Christina Grimmie. No other comments”.”
So far, police have not released any information on the shooter’s background or any possible motive for his actions.
It was late last night that Grimmie, 22, was signing autographs following the Plaza Live theater when Loibl approached and opened fire on the singer. Grimmie was rushed to a hospital, where she would soon die of the injuries.
Loibl fatally opened fire on himself after Christina Grimmie’s brother, Marcus Grimmie, tackled him. Police say that with  about 120 people present at the meet-and-greet, the brother’s heroic actions may have saved other lives as the shooter was armed with two handguns, two additional loaded magazines, and a large hunting knife.
Police Chief John Mina says that investigators are going through the Loibl’s computer, phone, and other belongings to identify any motive. So far, there is no evidence suggesting that Grimmie knew her attacker.

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