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As the world comes tries to find resolve following the horrific events that occurred this morning in Orlando that left 50 people dead, several accounts of the what occurred are now surfacing. The mass shooting, reportedly fueled by anti-LGBT hate came to an end when authorities made it inside of Pulse nightclub, and killed the assailant who has been identified as Omar Saddiqui Mateen. One particular partygoer sent a series of texts to his mother that have now been revealed and reported on WFTV in Orlando depicting the bone-chilling ordeal.

Mina Justice received a message from her son, Eddie Justice at 2:06 a.m. this morning saying “Mommy I love you” followed by “In the club they shooting.” After making several attempts to call her 30-year-old son, the messages Justice received painted and increasingly dire situation. “He’s coming , I’m going to die” Eddie wrote his mother. By 2:50 a.m. the situation became even more tense, Eddie wrote, “Hurry … He’s in the bathroom with us.”


Ms. Justice has yet to find out the fate of her son, which has been the case for many families who’s loved ones were present during this morning’s massacre. “His name has not come up yet and that’s scary. It’s just …” she told the Daily News. “It’s just, I got this feeling. I got a bad feeling.”

Video footage of the texts are above.