This weekend New York City celebrated the vivacious Puerto Rican culture at this year’s Puerto Rican Day Parade. The parade which started in back in 1958 in Manhattan became a national event back in 1995, with other major cities across America celebrating as well.

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As we celebrate Puerto Rican Day Parade, here’s a salute to a number of Boriquas who’ve contributed to Hip Hop culture:



rosario dawson

Rosario Dawson 

Actress and this year’s “Queen of the Parade”, Rosario Dawson has been a part of Hip Hop culture at many point several points throughout her career. The half Puerto Rican and Cuban actress appeared as herself in the music video for “Supercool” by British artist The Bullitts and she can also be heard on “She Lives In My Lap” a track off of Outkast’s fifth studio album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. She also daed Jay Z between 1997 to 2000.  


daddy yankee

Daddy Yankee

One of the most recognized reggaeton artists in the music industry, Daddy Yankee, real name Ramón Rodriguez has been active in the Hip Hop scene since the early 90s. Back in 1997 he collaborated with Nas on the track “The Profecy, and several years later garnered international attention with his hit single “Gasolina”. With seven albums under his belt, and 18 million albums sold around the world, Daddy Yankee helped give exposure to Puerto Rico and Spanish Rap on a global level.



Tony Touch

Tony Touch has been a part of Hip Hop since its inception. From his humble beginnings as a B-boy during the early 80s, Tony eventually started focusing more on the art of DJing. He eventually revolutionized and substantiated the “mixtape” culture, grabbing artists like Big Daddy KaneEminem, Mos Def, Wu-Tang Clan, and many more for his ambitious 50 MCs collaborative projects.


jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Getting her start on the hit show In Living Color as one of the “Fly Girls” JLo has been a mainstay in Hip Hop ever since. The Bronx-born latina went on to become an actress for years before her musical career took off. She dated P. Diddy during 1999 into the  beginning of the millennium, even getting arrested with him during the now infamous Times Square Club shooting back on December 27, 1999. She’s went on to collaborate with rappers Ja Rule, LL Cool J, Big Pun and more.


fat joe

Fat Joe

Terror Squad headman, Fat Joe spent the beginning of his rap career as part of the Diggin’ In The Crates rap group alongside Showbiz and A.G., Diamond D, Lord Finesse, O.C., Buckwild and the late Big L. In his teenage years Fat Joe would become friends with the late Big Pun, and eventually they would create the rap group Terror Squad one of raps first notable mostly-latino Hip Hop groups. With over two decades in the rap game, Joe is still maintaining his relevancy with his recent banger “All The Way Up” and its subsequent remix featuring former rival Jay Z.