Yesterday [Sunday, June 12] Florida resident and U.S. citizen Omar Mateen slaughtered 50 people and injured an estimated 53 at a popular gay nightclub in Orlando, committing America’s worst mass shooting crime. During the massacre, Mateen called 911 to proclaim himself a member of terror group ISIS [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant].

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Ronald Hopper, FBI assistant special agent, confirmed Mateen’s terror influences during a press conference on Sunday. Hopper reported Mateen was recorded saying “inflammatory comments to coworkers” in the past, which were terrorism related and caused the FBI to investigate and interview him, according to TMZ.

Mateen also had another run-in with the FBI back in 2014, for an alleged relationship with an American suicide bomber. He was interviewed at the time but little information was gathered so the FBI didn’t bother to open an investigation.


An agent from the ATF said Mateen bought a handgun and a long gun just within the past week, but raised no alarm.

There is currently no direct connection between Mateen and ISIS yet, ISIS has taken full responsibility for the incident through a statement on its Amaq News Agency, their news board that releases follow ups about their attacks.