Oprah Winfrey has surprised the women of N Street Village, a charity in Washington, D.C., with a $1 million donation.

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N Street Village is an organization devoted to helping homeless and low-income women regain their lives by providing housing, employment opportunities, and support for those suffering from drug addiction and other health issues. The organization is run through private donations alone and according to The Washington Post, it has received funding from other celebrities like actor Richard Gere.

Twenty years ago, D.C. resident Linda Rush was a crack addict and a prostitute. She dreamed of writing a letter to Oprah hoping that she would help change her life. Rush said, “20 years ago I wanted to write her a letter and ask her to help me get into a program and the people that I was getting high with were like, ahh she don’t have time for you.”


On June 9, 2016 Rush got the chance to meet Oprah and introduce her to the stage during the N Street Village Charity Luncheon as the keynote speaker. Oprah embraced her with open arms and said to her, “I see you.” Those very few words struck a chord in Rush’s heart as she says, “I can’t even describe that feeling.”

In typical Oprah fashion, she took the crowd by storm pledging $1 million to the charity. Cheers broke out in excitement and disbelief. Winfrey continues, “I thank you N Street for seeing, hearing and knowing that every life matters, every woman matters.”