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Right-wing “political analyst” Stacey Dash is causing hysteria by making headlines in the aftermath of the Orlando nightclub massacre that took 50 lives and injured at least 53 others.

Via her social media accounts, Dash went as far as to call out President Obama while requesting support for Republican presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Mr. President this man voted for you, is he an Islamic Terrorist?” Dash typed in an Instagram caption, which shows a screenshot of the Orlando shooter being registered as a Democrat. “Registered Democrat voter Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, of Afghan origins commits worse [sic] mass shooting in American History.#islamicradicalism #terroristattack #seesomethingsaysomething #muslimextremist.

Dash continued by adding:


My heart and prayers are with the LBGT community. This atrocity would not go unanswered under President Trump I promise!!!! #prayingfororlando #lgbt #pray #praying.