Malia Obama is officially a high school graduate. Seventeen-year-old Malia graduated from the prominent Sidwell Friends School in D.C. on her little sister Sasha‘s 15th birthday.

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Last Friday, Malia received her diploma in a white dress (which is a tradition for the young women graduates to wear) and with the Presidential parents applauding her for her hard work. The President was spotted giving Malia a big hug thereafter.

This was not an elaborate ceremony full of media attention. Although the President and First Lady of the United States were in attendance, there were also many dignitaries’ and diplomats’ children as students, which means they are used to the chief of state sharing the same space.


“He was just a total dad,” the mother of a fellow graduate said of the president to The Washington Post. “No fanfare. You didn’t know they were there.”

Malia will be taking a year off before heading to Harvard in 2017. One of her graduation presents was attending Beyoncé’s Formation Tour. Check out the video of her having a great time with friends: