Lil Mo has been married to her husband Karl “Dynamite” Dargan (an American boxer) for two years. The singer recently revealed she’s in a place in her life where she can “fully submit” to him as her partner in marriage, describing their relationship as “civilized with a side of savage.”

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It’s apparent Mo feels her husband is worthy of this submission, and she’s not afraid to let the public know. In a recent Instagram photo, the Christian-raised R&B siren is seen joining her man (who is Muslim) during his Ramadan journey.

The R&B singer/radio personality can be seen wearing a hijab looking into her husband’s eyes with a caption about loyalty, getting through rough patches, and fully submitting during this time in her marriage.


CIVILIZED with a side of SAVAGE!! #alhamdulillah #love #zawj #muslimah #thedargans #darganovereverything #doe #theBOXERSwife forever ameen!! @dynamiteko @thelilmoshow someone said I changed because of HIM. I thanked them for noticing. Submission. Loyalty. Patience. Prayer. Fasting. Sacrifice. I never wanted to give up that control before. I'm such a BOSS the thought of me not RUNNIN THINGS made me cringe. But my husband said "stop acting like you have to take care of everything. Go lay down and rest. I got this". He got my ❤️. God got US!! And please believe we are constantly TRIED. But we always make it through. That towel that was going to be thrown in becomes the throw that covers us at night. All I really wanted was to be HAPPY!! Have a great day. #day8 #ramadan2016

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