It has been recently confirmed that Bremer Trust National Association, the Court approved Special Administrator of the Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson, has retained collectively L. Londell McMillan, Chairman and CEO of The NorthStar Enterprises Worldwide, and Charles A. Koppelman, Chairman and CEO of CAK Entertainment, Inc., to manage the entertainment assets of the Prince estate.

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Mr. McMillan’s relationship with Prince was a distinguished one, acting as attorney, manager, confidante and personal friend to the trailblazing artist for over a decade. After working with Prince to free him from his recording contract with Warner Bros, Mr. McMillan worked with Prince to mastermind numerous innovative and historic artist deals, including selling Prince’s album on tour and having Nielsen SoundScan register such sales to reach number one on the charts.



After Prince’s emancipation from Warner Bros, Mr. Koppelman then signed the groundbreaking talent to EMI, for his Emancipation triple album. In a career spanning five decades, veteran executive Mr. Koppelman has been a successful business leader known for his skills in finance and management, as well as his ability to find creative opportunities for businesses and people.

Prince, who passed away on April 21, 2016, was adored worldwide and well regarded as a musical genius.

Both McMillan and Koppelman have denied requests to speak at this time. More information is forthcoming.

L. Londell McMillan is also the owner of The Source Magazine and

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