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The Breakfast Club and Uncommon Sense host Charlamagne Tha God responded to LL Cool J saying he wanted to box him with, “I will battle rap you.”

During a recent freestyle on Dr. Dre‘s Apple Music Beats 1 radio show, the legendary MC challenged the radio personality to a sparring match. Charlamagne declined, opting for something more in the rapper’s lane. “I feel like I can write better bars then LL at this present moment.”


“What guys like LL don’t realize is that they make us look bad,” said Charlamagne, defending his opinion. “If I’m telling these youngsters ‘Lil Uzi Vert could never f*ck LL Cool J, or Young Thug could never f*ck with Scarface,’ or whoever the person is, if I’m bragging about how dope LL is and he drops some new shit like that and muthaf*ckas is like, ‘Yo that s*it is wack,’ it makes it hard to defend our legends if they are coming out and they’re terrible.”

Charlamagne goes on to explain that even though he dissed LL’s verse, it’s not because of his age because he appreciates Scarface and JAY Z‘s rhymes still. He just viewed the freestyle as “wack” and his 2013 album Authentic as sub-par. “In your heart of hearts, you know that’s wack, LL my brother.”