Former NBA player Nate Robinson has always had an affinity for football, having played for Washington back in his college days. This past year, the 3-time NBA Dunk Contest champion lost the explosiveness that made him a fan favorite in the league, leading him to try his talents overseas, landing in Israel. During the process, the 32-year-old let reporters know that he is very serious about playing in the NFL during the upcoming season.

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Earlier this week, his wish was granted as the Seattle Seahawks gave him a tryout. Though some thought it would be rather unique to see the 5’9” point guard lace up for an NFL team, that lofty dream might be an after thought. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, who was open to the possibility, said via the team’s website that it is “all but impossible” for Nate to be able to cut it in the NFL.

“He’s got a lot of work to do. He’s a great kid. I’ve known him for a long time, way back when, and always loved the kid. I’m excited to give him a chance to see where this all fits together for him. We’ll find out down the road.”

“It’s as hard as it could possibly get. He’s 32 as well. I don’t know if anybody could do it. But if anybody could, it might be Nate. He’s that versatile of an athlete and that great of a competitor.”

Better luck next time Nate.